Katy Perry to Take Husband Russell Brand’s Last Name


Katy Perry is legally becoming Mrs. Russell Brand. The singer is in the process of a name change following her October 23 wedding in India.

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Katy Perry is officially becoming Mrs. Russell Brand.

“I’m in the process,” the singer admits on Wednesday’s “Ellen De Generes Show” of legally changing her name. “If I’m at an event or something like that and [someone] want[s] special attention. They go, ‘”Mrs. Brand!’ and I go shwoosh,” the singer says, turning her head back to look.

Brand and Perry were married in India on October 23, 2010. And although she says her new hubby can be a handful, he is also a lot of fun.

“He’s a smorgasbord of things,” she says. “A sense of humor is really important in our household. That’s how we de-stress and we like to have a laugh.”

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