Katy Perry Reveals Secret Wedding Prank


Singer Katy Perry says she staged a fake wedding when she was 21. Perry and her boyfriend went to Vegas and got married in a chapel as a joke. Perry wore a thrift store wedding dress and tricked her family with the prank.

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Singer Katy Perry has revealed she staged a fake wedding when she was 21.

“This boy I was dating at the time, we went to Vegas on a whim and we decided to get fake married,” she tells PopEater.com. “We took all the pictures with the minister, with the fake cake, in the fake chapel and got a fake marriage certificate. We went and bought a wedding dress and a suit at a thrift store, and scanned the pictures and sent the certificate to my family members, my manager at the time [and] totally freaked them out.”

To this day, Perry says she still has the wedding dress and certificate. “It was the most hilarious, stupid prank I’ve ever pulled,” she says.

Perry is no stranger to playing a bride. She wore a pink wedding dress when she tied the knot in her video for “Hot ‘N Cold” last year.

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