Olympian Kerri Walsh Finds Missing Wedding Band Buried in Sand


The beach volleyball pro lost her wedding ring on Sunday after blocking Mika Saiki. A metal detector and volunteer eventually found it in the 17,000 tons of sand.

Olympic beach volleyball player Kerri Walsh didn’t lose concentration after she lost her gold wedding band while going up for a block against Japan’s Mika Saiki on Sunday. Although a metal detector located the ring in 17,000 tons of sand, the particles shifted between Walsh’s 9 a.m. match and the 3 p.m. search for the ring. One lucky volunteer, Song Zhendong, dug up the ring after about 20 minutes of looking and will return it to Walsh on Monday.

Walsh is married to beach volleyball player Casey Jennings. The pair were married on December 4, 2005 at La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs, CA.

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