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Kevin Zegers Marries Jaime Feld


Kevin Zegers married Jaime Feld in New Jersey. The wedding took place in front of 250 guests including Jaime Feld and Julianne Hough.

Actor Kevin Zegers married agent Jaime Feld on Saturday.The wedding took place in New Jersey in front of 250 guests including Sophia Bush and Julianne Hough.

The couple got engaged last April in Muskoka, Ontario, while vacationing with Feld’s family.

“I took Jaime out for a walk in the morning with our dog and went down to the beach and proposed,” Zegers said at the time. “We’ve been together for six years, so I’ve been through a lot with her.”

As for the wedding, Zegers tells, he left most of the wedding planning to his bride.

It was “95 percent her, 5 percent me,” he said. “I got my tuxedo, and helped her with the flowers a little bit.”

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