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Kim Kardashian Models Her Mother’s Wedding Dress


Kim Kardashian tried on her mother Kris Jenner’s wedding dress after her sister Khloe called them “ugly.” Kardashian said the wedding dresses were a perfect fit and very special.

Kim Kardashian isn’t engaged to Reggie Bush yet but that’s not stopping her from trying on wedding dresses. The reality star modeled her mother Kris Jenner’s wedding gowns after her sister Khloe called them “ugly.”

“Khloe wasn’t too fond of the one she wore when she married my dad… so i tried it on for her,” Kim says of her mother’s 1978 wedding dress.“It was a perfect fit! I did look like Little Bo Peep, but it was pretty special.”

Kardashian also tried on the strapless wedding dress her mom wore when she married Bruce Jenner in 1991 calling it, “sooo 90’s.”

“Her dresses were very special” Kardashian says, adding that her mom waited 30 years for her daughters to try them on.

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