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Allison Kornberg Walch’s Blog: How to Get Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Hairstyle


A step by step guide on how to copy Kim Kardashian’s wedding hairstyle.

Dearest Celebrity Bride Guiders,

Ask me how to get you Kim Kardashian’s famous bum, and I’m not sure I can help (butt pad rumors aside, genetics do play their part, people.). But her famous wedding bun? No problem! The regal updo is a total classic.

I headed over to José Eber’s plush new Beverly Hills salon to test out the look on my own hair. Monsieur Eber styled the locks of dame Elizabeth Taylor herself, and had a few thoughts on Kim’s coif: “I loved the hairpiece. It’s a statement; it’s about how the bride feels. I think she looked beautiful.”“We wanted to make her an amazing movie star from the ’40s, ’50s, ’60s; like Sophia Loren or Ava Gardner or Elizabeth Taylor,” Peter Savic, Kim’s wedding hairstylist, told People.

With that, I jumped into bridal specialist Stephanie Bork’s hot seat at the salon.

Here are all the tricks (oh yes, there are tricks!) you need to know to get the look.

Step 1: Comb through hair fully. “No matter what updo you do, preparation is key,” Bork says. “The better you prepare the hair, the better it will stay.” Make sure hair is dry and dirty. Washed hair can get slippery, especially when creating a slicked-up look like Kim’s; plus, it can yield more pesky flyaways. Wash hair the night before, instead.

Step 2: Apply product to dry hair to create more volume and bend. Use a volumizing spray, such as Phyto Volumizing Spray, or a mousse spray, on roots. If you have fine hair, Bork suggests applying the product all over – to roots and ends and in between.

Step 3: Using a round brush and blow dryer, blow dry through the hair to smooth out the hair cuticle. Make sure that all the strands of your hair look even and straight.

Step 4: Take hair into one inch sections and lightly curl with a one or one and a half-inch rod for volume. Spray hairspray on to the roots before curling, and always start the curl at your roots. These are not Shirley Temple curls you are going for. “The goal is to make the hair full and more luscious,” Bork simply states. Using a heating iron makes the hair shinier because the heat smoothes out hair cuticles.

How to Get Kim Kardashian's Wedding Hairstyle

Step 5: Tease the crown of your hair. Part hair into two sections, front and back. Leave the entire front section clipped up and away from face. Tease the back of hair. Spray hairspray on teased roots, then brush smoothly and carefully in a backwards direction with a paddle brush, without losing the height of the tease.

Step 6: Part the back of hair into three sections. Make the middle section into a ponytail by securing with a rubber band. (See picture above left)

Step 7: Pull a “hair donut” over the ponytail and secure with a bobby pin on each side. A hair donut is a foam ring used to give updos more oomph. Take another, long hair pad (essentially the donut unhooked) and roll into ponytail. Pin at the nape of the neck. (See pictures above middle and center)

Step 8: Merge the remaining two sides of hair into the bun. If necessary, smooth out hair with a brush and hairspray to avoid flyaways.

Step 9: Release front section of hair and smooth back with hairspray. Pull into the bun and secure with bobby pins. Add some more hairspray.

Step 10: Attach a headpiece. Not feeling like dropping a reported 2.5 mil for Kim’s 65-carat Lorraine Schwartz head piece? Yeah, me neither. And you’re in luck. Bork says that you can find one at any beauty supply shop.

Kim Kardashian Wedding Hairstyle

Time to get your chignon on!


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