Kim Kardashian Wedding Ring Predictions


Jewelry expert Michael O’Connor predicts what type of wedding band Kim Kardashian will pair with her 20.5-carat diamond engagement ring.

Platinum wedding bands by A. Jaffe and Kirk Kara

By now you’ve probably seen photos of Kim Kardashian’s whopping 20.5-carat engagement ring from fiance Kris Humphries. The couple are set to exchange vows in Montecito in two short weeks which got us thinking, what kind of wedding band will Kim pair with an engagement ring that size? We turned to jewelry expert Michael O’Connor to get his ring predictions.

“Kim and Kris both have a great sense of style, and judging by the engagement ring, they’re committing for the long-term,” O’Connor says. “Undoubtedly they’ll choose platinum bands because of the durability that platinum provides and the fact that platinum will never fade or change color – symbolic of a relationship that will endure. Kim will probably want a platinum wedding band that’s as classically styled as her engagement ring, probably either a plain polished platinum band in a narrow width, or a platinum eternity band set with diamonds. This may allow her to wear her engagement ring and wedding band together.”

As for Kris’s wedding band, O’Connor says since he is a big guy and can handle a wider width band.

“If they want to find matching bands, they’ll probably go for something a little more romantic like a set of platinum engraved bands,” he says. “Choosing platinum will ensure the engraving stands the test of time, however Kim will then probably transfer her engagement ring to the right hand for daily wear.”

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