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Kristen Stewart to Help Choose ‘Breaking Dawn’ Wedding Dress


Kristen Stewart will have a hand in choosing the wedding dress she will wear in “Breaking Dawn.” The actress says “Twilight” creator Stephanie Meyer will make the final decision on the dress for Bella and Edward’s wedding.

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With production set to begin on “Breaking Dawn,” the third installment of the “Twilight” saga, the film’s star, Kristen Stewart, says a final wedding dress has not been chosen for the crucial Bella and Edward wedding scene.

“I haven’t put the one on yet,” the actress tells “I’m not quite sure exactly what it’s going to look like, but it will be beautiful, I’m sure.”

Stewart, who said the dress choice will be extremely important to fans, says she will be involved in making the call.

“To be honest, it’s such a big deal. It’s such a big decision,” she explains. “I have a little hand in having a decision — or having an opinion more — but I think it’s pretty much up to Stephenie,” she says, referring to the book’s author Stephenie Meyer.

Stewart talked about her vision for the wedding dress earlier this year saying she imagines it will be, “classic and really simple, but beautiful.”

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