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Kurt Warner and Brenda Carney Meoni Wedding


Kurt Warner married Brenda Carney Meoni on October 11, 1997 at St. John American Lutheran Church in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Brenda’s two children, Jesse and Zack, dressed as a miniature bride and groom and surprised Kurt with a song and dance at the reception.

In honor of Superbowl XLIII this Sunday, we are profiling the wedding of Arizona Cardinals quarterback, Kurt Warner, and his wife Brenda.

Kurt met Brenda, a former United State Marine Corps Veteran, in 1993 at Wild E. Coyote’s, a bar near the campus of Northern Iowa University. On the night they met, Brenda told Kurt she was a divorced mother of two, and if they never talked again, she would understand. The next morning, however, Kurt showed up at Brenda’s house, rose in hand, and asked to meet her kids.

“She just caught my eyes,” Kurt told Christan Broadcasting Network. “There was something different about her, something that stood out. She wasn’t like all of the other women in the bar and women that I had met. So, when she told me she was divorced and had two kids, that was not even part of the equation really.”

The couple were married four years later on October 11, 1997 in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The wedding took place at St. John American Lutheran Church in front of 250 guests including Kurt’s best man, his brother, Matt Warner. Brenda’s children, Jesse and Zack, were dressed as a miniature bride and groom, but since Kurt and Brenda wanted to watch them walk down the aisle, the children walked in last. 

Brenda gave herself away. Her parents had died in a tornado in Mountain View, Arkansas in 1996 and the wedding took place in the same church where their memorial service was held.

The ceremony was emotional and sweet until the very end when the pastor accidentally introduced the couple for the first time as “Mr and Mrs. Meoni.” Meoni was Brenda’s last name from her previous marriage.

At the reception, Brenda’s six-year old daughter, Jesse, surprised Kurt when she said out loud “Daddy, may I have this dance?” She was dressed just like her mom in a long white dress and white gloves and she danced with Kurt to “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle. When it was Zack’s turn, he had Kurt sit down in a chair in the middle of the dance floor and sang “Thanks To The Keeper of the Stars” by Tracy Byrd.

Two months later, Kurt adopted Jesse and Zack and they changed their last name to Warner.

Kurt and Brenda went on to have five more children and they have been married for 9 years.

Following the Cardinals victory in the NFC Championship game on January 18, 2009, Kurt talked about his wife saying, “None of this feels as good unless you can share it with someone. I get to share it with my best friend and the person I’m in love with, and that happens to be my wife,” Warner said later. “We have done this together . . . and I wouldn’t do it with anyone else.”

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