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NASCAR’s Kyle Busch Marries Samantha Sarcinella


NASCAR driver Kyle Busch married Samantha Sarcinella on New Year’s Eve in Chicago. The wedding took place at Holy Name Cathedral.


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NASCAR driver Kyle Busch married Samantha Sarincella in a New Year’s Eve wedding ceremony in Chicago on Friday.


The couple said their vows at Holy Name Cathedral in front of family and friends. The church was decorated with poinsettias, Christmas trees and white twinkle lights.

A reception followed at the Chicago Cultural Center which was decorated with ostrich and peacock feathers, the theme of the wedding.

Congratulations to Kyle and Samantha! See more wedding photos.

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  • Kyle Busch ans Samantha Sarcinella’s wedding was the BEST in #Nascar history in my veiw… As for @scottspeed and @amandaspeed..They BOTH were NOT in the Wedding as the Best Man and Maid-of-Honor…You should check ur information out b4 you post in the future…. #MrandMrsKyleBusch :0)

  • Loved being able to look at the wedding pictures. What a beautiful couple!! The wedding dress is gorgeous.. and Kyle is so handsome. Love your colors, flowers, bridesmaids etc.
    God Bless you both and happiness always,

  • congrats Kyle and Samantha. So happy for the 2 of u. God Bless u n ur marriage, and u on the track. Now, uve got the girl, Rowdy, lets get the championship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Rowdy, and thank u Samantha, for making what was a good man a great man, and for making a terrific driver, SPECTACLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “LETS GO MR. & MRS. ROWDY LOL

  • Oh man I have been a fan since the Hendrix days. Thank you for letting me love nascar again. I wish the new bridge and yourself the best!Please never stop driving the way you do my girlfriend and i LOVE watching you race/win!!!

  • Hey man ur a lucky man she is hot and u guys look great together, i’m a big fan of you and your brother, love watching you guys race, you are awsome to watch, can’ wait for every race. anyway congrads, and good luck to u and yours and god bless.

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