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Comedian Lisa Lampanelli’s Minor Wedding Mishap


Lisa Lampanelli says her wedding went off without a hitch until the air conditioning was shut off during the ceremony. Halfway through the vows, the comedian yelled for the air to be turned on and all of the guests applauded.

Life and Style Weekly

Comedian Lisa Lampanelli’s wedding to Jimmy Cannizzaro went off without a hitch until the wedding planner turned the air conditioning off during the ceremony to keep the drapery from fluttering.

“I walk in, and Jimmy is sweating like Kate Gosselin doing kegel exercises,” Lisa tells Life and Style Weekly. “All I could think the whole time was people are going to think he wants to run out!”

Halfway through the vows, she couldn’t take it and yelled for the air to be turned on.

“Everyone started applauding,” she says. The wedding “was so great, there were maybe seven stressful minutes combined.”

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