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Golfer Lorena Ochoa Planning December Wedding


Top ranked golfer Lorena Ochoa is planning a December wedding to AeroMexico CEO Andres Conesa. Ochoa has enlisted the help of her sister, Daniela, who is a wedding planner and is helping her pick out a wedding dress, flowers and music.

The world’s top female golfer, Lorena Ochoa, will marry AeroMexico CEO Andres Conesa in December. The couple got engaged in Barcelona late last year, and are still deciding if the wedding will be big or small.

“It’s something that we don’t know yet,” Ochoa says. “If it’s going to be big, it is going to have to be really big.”

One thing Lorena knows is that she will have help from her sister, Daniela, a professional wedding planner.

“You know I’d like to be involved,” Ochoa says. “But I trust my sister a lot and I think everything is going to be a lot easier. She’s going to help me pick the flowers and, of course, my dress and the music,” she adds. “I’ve told her, ‘make sure you do something nice and I promise I will arrive on the day!'”

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