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Marla Sokoloff Planning Wedding to Alec Puro


Actress Marla Sokoloff is planning her wedding to Deadsy drummer Alec Puro. The couple will tie the knot this fall and Marla has already picked out her wedding dress.

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Actress Marla Sokoloff will marry Deadsy drummer Alec Puro this fall. The couple, who got engaged in October, have been dating for five years.

Sokoloff plays a bride in the upcoming Lifetime Movie “Maneater” and says she bonded over wedding planning with her co-star Sarah Chalke.

“We were both about to get married,” Sokoloff says. “I asked Sarah if she wanted to see a picture of my dress. We pulled out our iPhones and saw we’d both picked out the same wedding dress.”

The actress, who jokes she wants it on the record that she picked the dress first, has had plenty of time to practice walking down the aisle. Her last five roles have all been as a bride.

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