Meredith and Derek’s Wedding on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’


Meredith and Derek finally got married on the “Grey’s Anatomy” season finale. Skipping the formal ceremony, the couple wrote marriage vows on a pad of post-it notes and signed their names.


Meredith and Derek finally got “married” on the season finale of “Grey’s Anatomy” last night. It wasn’t the wedding many viewers thought it would be, but it was a wedding that suited them.

The couple had decided to get married at City Hall, but their hectic hospital duties prevented them from having the time. In the end, they skipped the formal ceremony and signed a marriage contract on a pad of Post-it notes. Some of their vows included: “You’ll love me, even when you hate me” and “You’ll love me, even when we’re old and smelly.” Derek also promised to remind Meredith who he was if she ever got Alzheimer’s like her mother.

“I felt very strongly — very very strongly — that the last thing Meredith Grey would do is put on a wedding dress and walk down an aisle,” creator Shonda Rhimes tells Entertainment Weekly. “It just felt wrong to me, Meredith being Meredith. And the Post-it wedding will have big reverberations next season.”

Although many had hoped to see Meredith in one of the wedding dresses she had tried on, Rhimes says, “I think they [Meredith and Derek] feel it is an official wedding.”

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  • Did they actually get married? I remember seeing them say their vows in the locker room at the hospital but no one was there. No justice-of-the-peace or anything. So I didnt think they were actually “married”.

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