Celebrity Planner Michael Russo Shares Top Wedding Trends


See celebrity event planner Michael Russo’s picks for wedding trends in 2010. Russo says that organic and vintage will be big while lounges and after parties are on the way out.

Event designer Michael Russo of Roses n Lollipops has planned weddings for a host of celebrities including Kevin Jonas, Beverley Mitchell and Joey Fatone.

We asked Michael for an inside look at some of the hottest wedding trends of 2010. Here are his picks for what’s hot and what’s not:

1. Budget-Friendly Weddings

“With the way the economy is, people are focusing on flowers, music and décor. Brides are scaling back and spending money on better vendors. Hire a better photographer or a better DJ if that’s what’s important to you and scale back on the rest.”

2. Going Green

“Green and organic will are big wedding trends right now. People are more aware about what’s going on with the environment so they are keeping things natural or organic. Brides who can afford to throw crazy events may feel a little bit embarrassed if they are too showy. Going the organic and natural look is definitely a more low key way to do it.”

3. Vintage

“Vintage will always be popula. People are including family traditions or utilizing jewelry which has been passed down. Brides will use antique charms or a set of pearls and incorporate it right into their bouquets. There are nice ways to use your grandmother’s pearls without having to wear them if they don’t match.”

Candy Bar

4. Dessert Bars and Wedding Cake Alternatives

“Candy buffets are always cool and fun and will always be popular. A lot of people are doing fondues instead of chocolate fountains and cupcakes are a cute way to go if you want to do more of a dessert bar. Wedding cakes are being done in all different shapes and sizes. People will be doing pistachio and fun combinations in terms of filling.”

5. Lace Dresses

“Lace is popular and we are seeing more and more of it. Strapless dresses are over and sleeves are back in style.”

6. More Music

“Lounges and after parties are on the way out. If people do want to do an extended hour after the wedding, they’ll do another segment with the DJ. If you have a great party going on and then you stop because you have an Elvis impersonator, it brings the party to a halt.”

For more info on Michael Russo, visit Roses N Lollipops.

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