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Miranda Kerr’s Wedding Dress Lost by Airlines


Miranda Kerr’s luggage containing her wedding dress was lost after a flight home from her honeymoon. The actress wore a Collette Dinnigan vintage dress when she married Orlando Bloom in the Caribbean. Dinnigan has vowed to replace the wedding dress if it is not found.

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Miranda Kerr has lost her wedding dress after a flight home from her summer wedding to Orlando Bloom.

The dress was one of four Collette Dinnigan vintage creations sent to Kerr for the top secret Caribbean nuptials.

“In July American Airlines lost my luggage and I have been trying to locate it ever since,” Kerr said yesterday on her Facebook page. “Unfortunately the luggage had my wedding dress in it plus other things that I hold so dear. Has anyone else experienced losing luggage through American Airlines and if so did you ever locate it again?”

Dinnigan expressed her sympathy and offered to replace the dress if it doesn’t turn up.

“Losing your luggage is a terrible thing to happen to anyone, but especially when something as sentimental as a wedding dress is involved,” Dinnigan said. “In the event that it cannot be found, we will do whatever we can to help Miranda replace it.”

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