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‘Bachelor’ Star Molly Malaney: Wedding to Jason Within a Year


“Bachelor” star Molly Malaney says she will marry fiance Jason Mesnick within a year. The couple got engaged in New Zealand on October 20. Malaney says she wants an outdoor wedding somewhere warm.


Former “Bachelor” contestant Molly Malaney says wedding bells will be ringing soon for her and fiance Jason Mesnick.

“Oh it will definitely be in the next year,” the reality stars tells the Seattle Post Intelligencer. “We both want an outdoor wedding, so it would obviously have to be somewhere warm, to start. I don’t think it will be in Seattle and I don’t think it will be in Michigan, where my family is. We’ll do it somewhere warm that’s beautiful.”

Mesnick and Malaney got engaged in New Zealand on October 20. Since then she has moved to Seattle to be with her fiance and they’ve started their new life together. With things settling down, Molly says she wants to start wedding planning.

“We haven’t even had one discussion about it, she says. “Now that things are slowing down, I think we’ll start talking. There are so many different factors: Is it going to be on TV? Is it going to be part of a magazine spread? Or are we just going to do it ourselves?”

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