Nick Cannon Gives Mariah Carey a Puppy for First Anniversary


Nick Cannon has given Mariah Carey a puppy for their first wedding anniversary. The Jack Russell terrier is 8 eight weeks old and named Cha-Cha. The couple will celebrate one year in April and plan to take a trip to Barbados.

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Nick Cannon has given Mariah Carey a puppy as a first anniversary gift. “I got her a short-haired Jack Russell terrier-a girl named Cha-Cha,” he tells “She’s eight week.”

The couple who tied the knot at Mariah’s home in Eleuthera on April 30, 2008, plan to celebrate one year together with a trip. “We never went on a honeymoon, so I guess I can tell you we’ll probably go to Barbados,” Cannon says.

As for the first year of marriage, Nick says it has been amazing. “She’s the most incredible woman,” he says. “Being in a strong union and being there for each other is something that I’d never really experienced before, so to experience it with my wife is remarkable. We’re together as one, and that’s important to me.”

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