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Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey Wedding


Windemere Island, Bahamas

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey were married in a surprise wedding ceremony at her Bahamian estate on the island of Windermere. The couple wed in a sunset ceremony on the beach in front of only 12 guests, including rapper Da Brat. Carey convinced wedding vendors she was shooting a music video so word of the impending nuptials wouldn’t leak to the press.

The bride and groom traveled to the island via private jet and brought boxes of live Maine lobsters, fine china and Dom Perignon. A few weeks prior to the wedding, Carey and Cannon got tattoos to capture their love. Mariah had “Mrs. Cannon” written on her lower back. Nick had “Mariah” tattooed on his upper back.

The bride wore a fitted off-white Nile Cmylo dress that turned a pale pink color in water. Mariah chose the dress because it matched the color of the Bahamian sand. The dress was paired with Christian Louboutin pumps and a bouquet of ivory roses.

The groom wore a white Balenciaga tuxedo.

The vows were officiated by Mariah’s pastor, Clarence Keaton, and at the conclusion, the newlyweds waded into the water for photos and watched Mariah’s dress turn pink.

Afterward, they enjoyed a lobster dinner and a five-tier wedding cake decorated with butterflies.

The couple honeymooned at the estate for several days after their guests had left.

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