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‘Biggest Loser’ Nicole Brewer Tries on Wedding Dresses


“The Biggest Loser” contestant Nicole Brewer has lost 87 pounds since leaving the ranch. Brewer’s goal is to fit into a size 8 wedding dress at her upcoming wedding to fellow contestant Damien Gurganious.


“The Biggest Loser” contestant Nicole Brewer has lost 87 pounds since she was sent home from the ranch.

With a summer wedding to fellow contestant Damien Gurganios approaching quickly, the reality star is on her way to reaching her goal –  fitting into a size 8 wedding dress.

“Every day I am reminded I am marrying the perfect man for me,” says Nicole, who has lost a total of 107 pounds. “When I first went shopping for my wedding gown, I was so happy. I had a man who wanted to marry me and I was going to have a beautiful wedding, but I was so unhappy that I was that size,” she recalls.

Nicole says she has gone from a size 24 to a size 16 by cooking her own meals, controlling her calories and working out six days a week.

“This time around, I could look at dresses that I could never have looked at as a size 24, she says. “I felt sexy. I felt beautiful. I felt victorious.”

With only a few months to go before the wedding, Brewer says she will be adding more weights to her cardio workouts in order to “have a more sculpted body and look absolutely fabulous from all angles when I walk down that aisle.”

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