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Nine Inch Nails Singer Trent Reznor Gets Married


Trent Reznor married Mariqueen Maandig on October 18. The sunset wedding took place in front of family and friends in Los Angeles.


Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor married Mariqueen Maandig on Saturday night in Los Angeles. The outdoor wedding ceremony took place as the sun was setting in front of family and friends.

The wedding photos were shot by celebrity wedding photographer Robert Evans. Evans photographed the weddings of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes along with Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt.

Reznor and Maandig announced their engagement in May on the website of Maandig’s band West Indian Girl.

“In case [you] haven’t heard the news, Mariqueen got engaged,” the post reads. “Everyone in the West Indian Girl camp is super excited and happy for her. Q’s an awesome person, friend and bandmate, and she couldn’t be marrying a cooler guy.”

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  • I have been a fan of NIN since 1994. What has always caught my attenetion about T. Reznor aka. STIMPY, is the fact that he very reserved about his private life and himself. I respect the fact that Trent can conjure up extremly complex and even disturbing music (and videos) yet still remain of back in the shadows of his own fame and be a normal person. Kudos to Trent and his new wife, I hope they enjoy their lives together!!

    P.S. To anyone who feels the need to insult Mariqueen, just remember one thing, HE LOVES HER, HE MARRIED HER!!! GOOD FOR YOU TRENT.

  • I’ve always been a die hard NIN fan as well. Congrats to Trent and his beautiful wife Mariqueen, may they have a beautiful life together. Also, I LOVE the music they make together! =) Best wishes always.

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