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Cascading Orchid Wedding Bouquets


Many celebrity brides have carried all orchid wedding bouquets. White Phalaenopsis orchids create a natural cascade that is chic and glamourous.

Flynet Pictures / The CW

We are loving the chic and glamourous look of cascading white orchid bouquets carried by recent brides Molly Malaney and Cate Cassidy on “Life Unexpected.”

Generally imported from Asia or Australia, Phalaenopsis orchids are commonly used in trail bouquets and tall floral centerpieces. With several stems per blossom, they create a natural cascade that is classy and elegant.

See more photos of Molly Malaney and Jason Mesnick’s wedding.

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  • Can you please show more pics of the wedding with Cate Cassidy on “Life Unexpected”?
    As it looks really pretty and we don’t get that show here (in Australia).

  • Cate’s entire wedding was absolutely beautiful!
    Shiri Appleby looked absolutely stunning, and the wedding was one of the classiest, prettiest weddings on TV! My dream dress and bouquet :)
    You should have a TV weddings category (and be sure to upload more Cate Cassidy photos!)

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