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The Original Runner Company: Lighting and Decor, Montclair, New Jersey

When it comes to decorating a wedding ceremony, celebrities like Kevin Jonas, Ashlee Simpson and Richard Hamilton have turned to the Original Runner Company for custom made aisle runners. These fabric non-slip pieces start at $350.

Richard Hamilton Wedding

Courtesy The Original Runner Company

Celebs like Kevin Jonas, Ashlee Simpson and basketball star Richard Hamilton have all turned to the Original Runner Company for custom made non-slip fabric aisle runners for their wedding days.

Starting at $350 based on length and complexity, these runners are the perfect piece to decorate your ceremony or create a grand entrance. The best part is that the Original Runner Company will create exactly what you are looking for.

“Someone could absolutely purchase the same runner as any of our clients,” the Original Runner Company’s Julie Goldman tell us. “We hold the trademark on all of our designs.”

The $625 aisle runner at basketball star Rip Hamilton’s wedding (left) featured an elaborate and colorful design.

For more info contact The Original Runner Company at 973-974-7070.

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