Celebrity Engagement Ring Style: Pear-Shaped Diamond


Celebrities love pear-shaped engagement rings for their unique shape and distinctive look. Jessica Simpson, Katherine Heigl and Elizabeth Taylor all have worn pear-shaped diamond engagement rings.

What celebrity engagement ring style suits you best? If you are looking for a unique shape with a distinctive style, the pear-cut diamond is perfect. The pear or “teardrop diamond” is a hybrid of the round brilliant and marquise cuts. These diamonds have lots of sparkle and flair and are beautiful as a solitaire or set with side stones. Typically this ring is worn with the point facing the nail, making your finger look longer and… slimmer!

Pear-shaped diamonds are popular among celebrities with a classic, all-American style. Nick Lachey proposed to Jessica Simpson with a four-carat pear-shaped diamond flanked by two side stones, and Katherine Heigl wears a three-carat pear-shaped ring surrounded by pave diamonds from her hubby Josh Kelley. The most famous (and largest) pear-shaped celebrity engagement ring was given to Elizabeth Taylor by  Richard Burton.  The 69.42-carat Cartier diamond ring was later sold by the classic Hollywood actress.

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