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Peyton Wright’s Blog: How I Picked My Bridesmaid Dresses


Celebrity blogger Peyton Wright blogs about picking her bridesmaid dresses and a color scheme for her beach wedding. Peyton is engaged to “Bachelorette” runner-up Chris Lambton.

LulaKate Dresses Courtesy of Peyton Wright

Peyton Wright, best known for her stint on “The Bachelor,” is in the midst of planning her wedding with “Bachelorette” runner-up Chris Lambton. The reality TV couple will tie the knot in Charleston, South Carolina next spring.

When she last blogged, Peyton had picked her wedding dress and found the perfect venue. Now she has chosen bridesmaid dresses and a color scheme for the beach wedding.

Find out how Peyton knew her bridesmaid dress designer was meant to be and the different gown options her lucky ladies will have.

As you will see, the pieces are falling into place and the bridesmaids may just have a dress they can wear again.

I truly believe my story of finding bridesmaid dresses is one of a kind. When I began to think about what I wanted my ladies to wear, I had flashbacks to all of the dresses I had worn in other weddings. The list included everything from black and white polka dots, to an array of floor length gowns that all hang in the back of my closet. It’s beginning to look like the movie “27 Dresses.”

I believe every bride enters this process hoping to pick a dress that can be worn again. But let’s be honest, your bridesmaids probably won’t wear it again, so just pick what you want.

Since we decided to have an outdoor wedding on the beach, I knew shorter dresses with a light fabric would be most comfortable. I don’t want to take away from the natural beauty of the beach, so my search began with light, natural colors on the brain. It’s going to be spring so I have a ton of options when it comes to a bridesmaid dress.

I started with the cutest store, Bella Bridesmaid, which is conveniently located right next to my apartment. I’ve window shopped there numerous times so you can imagine my excitement to finally have a reason to go in. This was a great place to start because they carry a nice variety of designers and styles in numerous colors and lengths. My eye kept going to the dresses in yellow. This is where my internal light bulb went off that yellow would be my primary color. It’s perfect for the beach and great for a spring wedding.

I decided I wanted to give my bridesmaids the option to pick a style that works for them so the store manager recommended dresses made by Lula Kate, a designer out of Charleston, SC. You can pick any neck style and pair it with any skirt style. Genius! And did I mention the designer is out of Charleston, SC where the wedding will be held?!?!?!? This is where the story gets really exciting.

After thinking for a few days about what I tried on, I returned to the store with one of my bridesmaids so she could weigh in on the options. I chose a halter, a one shoulder and a strapless so the ladies could decide what they are most comfortable in. As we were trying on dresses, the store manager asked if I knew Katherine McDonald, formerly Mullins. I had one of those ‘I told you so’ moments with my mother as we had just discussed if it could be our family friend who owned Lula Kate. Well low and behold it is! Katherine is the owner/designer of Lula Kate as well as the daughter of my parent’s friends Phil and Diane. Small world!!!! This made my dress decision so much easier as I felt it was meant to be.

I had the opportunity to go to the actual Lula Kate store in downtown Charleston and meet with Katherine about my dresses. I ended up ordering one in white for my rehearsal dinner because I loved her designs so much.

Now that I decided on yellow for the dresses, it was time to move on to flowers. I wanted to keep these clean and simple. Once again we are at the beach and I don’t want to take away from the natural beauty of the area.

My florist, Justin Wham, sent me a very detailed list of flowers in whites, greens and yellows. I am going to have to do some research on what half of the selections are, but I think this color scheme is perfect to complement the beach and ocean that will be the backdrop for the ceremony and reception. I plan to keep my bouquet all white and I want my bridesmaids to carry something that can transfer into decoration for the reception. I don’t want anything to go to waste….and flowers are super expensive!!!

It is strange how everything is just falling into place. After we decided on a date and location, booked our vendors and ordered my dress, things really calmed down. Chris and I are both pretty laid back and not too detail oriented. I really think we just know what we want and haven’t given ourselves the opportunity to explore the millions of options that are out there. We are simple people with a clear vision so this process has been pretty easy so far. Fingers crossed it continues to go that way.

I will keep you posted!!!

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  • What a cute story. Peyton and Chris are by far my most favorite couple in the Bachelor family. Nobody comes remotely close to these two. This union is a win/win for both Peyton and Chris. Couldn’t be happier for them. They are the couple to envy because no doubt they stay out of the limelight, are not fame ho’s by any means…nothing fake or phony about either of them.

    I wish them the very best in life. Love them.

  • Peyton, such a darling & interesting bridesmaid story. I hope/know you are keeping
    all these blogs for your grandchildren to read. :)

    I am a TN. gal too, so I love that you & Chris are not seeking fame, or the Hollywood life, just being yourselves and enjoying each day being in love. I wish the both of
    you many, many happy years of wedded bliss.

    Patty in Nashville

  • Peyton- You remind me a lot of myself! I had yellow, white, navy and light green for my wedding. i love the lula kate dresses!! My husband and I are laid back too, and there is NOTHING wrong with having a carefree wedding planning process. We’re the lucky ones!

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