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Peyton Wright’s Blog: Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress


Former “Bachelor” contestant Peyton Wright blogs about choosing a Priscilla of Boston wedding dress for her wedding to Chris Lambton.

Peyton and her mom toast after picking the perfect dress.

CBG welcomes our newest celebrity blogger, Peyton Wright. Peyton competed on Andy Baldwin’s season of  “The Bachelor” and recently got engaged to “The Bachelorette” runner-up Chris Lambton.

Peyton and Chris met at a “Bachelor” function last summer, and Chris proposed in June with a David Yurman diamond ring. The couple are planning a beach wedding in Charleston, South Carolina and diving into the wedding planning process together.

In her first blog, Peyton writes about finding the perfect wedding dress, how she knew it was “the one,” and tips and tricks for dress shopping.


The moment I said ‘yes’ to Chris, I began thinking about what type of wedding I wanted to have. We promised each other we would take a couple of weeks to enjoy our engagement, but I couldn’t help but daydream about my dress. Every girl dreams about their wedding because it is one day that we get to be a real live princess… or at least that is what I feel.

Chris and I took my parents to Boston for one last night after spending a week together on the Cape. My father wanted to tour the city and learn about the history, while my mom and I just wanted to shop. I had never tried on a wedding gown, and I didn’t even have a clue what I was looking for at this point. We stopped into the original Priscilla of Boston just to take a peek and ended up snagging an open appointment. I was overly excited and just wanted to get an idea of what a wedding gown would look like on me. The sales person sat down and began asking me what I liked, what type of wedding we were going to have and what our date was. Since we decided we weren’t going to make any plans just yet, I didn’t have an answer for any of these questions. My first tip would be to have some idea of what you want and a better idea of when you are getting married before beginning your search. Gowns take 6-8 months to be made.

Peyton Wright and Chris Lambton

We walked through the store, and I let her tell me what she thought I should try on since I had no idea. I am glad I had an open mind at this point, because the first gown she gave me was not what I would have picked for myself. But it was beautiful and brought my mom to tears. I knew at this point it was going to be a long tough process, because I ended up loving every gown I put on.

We left the store, and I knew it was time to start thinking of answers to the date and location of the wedding. This would really determine the type of fabric and the style that would be appropriate for that time of year. Chris wants a beach wedding, so right off the bat I knew that a satin gown was not for me. I also want to be comfortable and found that silk organza was very light. From there, I bought about every wedding magazine I could find and started a notebook of my vision. I tore out pages and put them in plastic sheet protectors. Some may think this is crazy, but it really helped me narrow down what I was looking for and kept me from having to take multiple magazines with me on appointments. I also went on various websites and read about styles for different body types. I am smaller up top so I needed something that would give my body some shape. Finally I searched the web to find out what stores in Dallas carried the designers that I pulled from my magazine search.

After gathering my ideas, I knew I was ready to hit the Dallas stores in full force. I called a week ahead and made appointments with Warren Barron, Neiman Marcus,  Stanley Korshak, Stardust, Patsy’s and Priscilla of Boston. Many were getting ready for weekend sample sales, and I found that making an appointment during the week was much easier. Always make appointments! This will allow you to have many stores to yourself, and you will have the sales team’s full attention. I scheduled 1-2 appointments each day for four days. It is an exhausting process and for someone who doesn’t like to try clothes on, it is even more exhausting. As I began, I LOVED the first gown, and that gave me something to compare everything else to. I found that it became much easier to knock gowns out of the running if you just ask yourself if you love it more than the first option. If the answer is ‘no,’ then dump it and move on! I left each store with one or two favorites on my mind. With each new appointment I would narrow down even more. I was shocked at how quickly I was able to make decisions as the week went on. Most sales people were open to my vision and brought gowns that I described in our initial meeting. One brought a gown that was so opposite of anything I had asked for, and we just had to laugh. Let’s just say I looked like Peter Cottontail in lingerie. Probably perfect for another bride, just not for me!

We reached my final day of shopping, and I made my last appointment to try on the very first gown from Priscilla of Boston again. That one stayed on my mind from day one and after trying it on for the second time I knew immediately it was the one for me. SOLD!! How crazy is it that I went with the very first gown I ever tried on??? Many friends have told me they did the same thing, but it still blows my mind. It was totally a gut feeling, and I knew I was most comfortable with the gown I chose for my big day.

All of the gowns I tried on were so beautiful, but the final choice was the only one I didn’t question myself about. I can compare it to realizing that Chris was the man for me… when you know, you know! Now that I have the man and the dress, I think everything else will fall into place!!

-Peyton Wright




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  • Awww, this is just the sweetest day! You are so right…you just know what is right for you! Funny about the notebook idea–I did the same thing. It helps to have the visuals plus there is nothing worse than sitting with someone at an upscale store/wedding venue and going through magazines that are dog-eared saying, “I could have sworn the picture was in this issue of Breezy Wedding” or “I swear I saw it HERE!! Just one more minute”. Ugh…flashbacks. I hope you print out this blog for yourself so you can show your daughter one day :) Love it!! Biggest thing is to have fun. On the wedding day there are some things you cannot worry about: If Uncle Joe wants to bend your ear to discuss his gallbladder surgery, if the place floods the week before, nobody tells you and you find out by noticing the dance floor is still wet (don’t ask me how I know that), or that the waiter brought out the champagne 15 minutes earlier than he should have. LoL. All funny things but in the end you will be staring into your husband’s eyes and happier than you have ever been in your life :) Don’t sweat the small stuff :) God bless!!

  • Great blog! Well written. I hope this is the first of many blogs to discuss your progress towards the big day. The part about your mother’s tears at the sight of what turned out to be the “right” dress was so touching. You are so sweet and genuine, Chris is really a lucky guy. He seems pretty great too. I love that you are having such fun with the process. I look forward to hearing more. Thank you for sharing.

  • So happy for you and Chris. The notebook idea is excellent. My daughter and I used this method when she got married last September. it gives the mother of the bride an excellent insight as to what her daughter is really looking for. There are so many things to do and this is one way to keep it a bit organized. Looking forward to seeing pics of the wedding. Again, Congrats.


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