How to Pick the Right Wedding Photographer


Celebrity wedding photographer Jarrad Lister’s tips on picking the right wedding photographer and how to get the best wedding photos.

Jarrad Lister


Celebrity wedding photographer Jarrad Lister says selecting the right wedding photographer can be tough. With so many new photographers popping up in a crowded industry every day, Jarrad is here to give us his advice on selecting the right photographer and taking the best wedding pictures.


For the couple, the wedding day is one of the most important days in their lives and it’s crucial to find a photographer that relates to them. With my clients, I get to know them before their session. Their likes, dislikes, music style, favorites places to eat etc. This allows me to peek inside their lives and photograph them in a way that captures who they are.


For me, it’s so important that the couple relax and be themselves. I’d rather shoot a session that captures their personality than pose the couple into a style that I like. At the end of the day, this is what matters. When the couple receives their pictures, they see themselves, not some glammed up version of a model shoot. This appeals to the soul of the client in that they recognize the funny moments during the shoot or a real smile because they’re so in love.


Engagement sessions also allow you to warm up to your photographer which translates into a much more relaxed wedding day. This is why I always shoot engagement sessions. Nothing is worse than meeting your clients the day of the wedding. The stress level is at it’s highest on the wedding day and the couple should feel relaxed when it comes to their photographer knowing what a great time they had on their engagement session. In the end, choosing a photographer that relates to the couple in this way opens the door to a better experience and most of all pictures they will love for years to come.

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