How to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Wedding


Pinterest is a great tool for wedding planning. Collect images and design ideas and save them in an online bulletin board.


If you’re planning a wedding, or have seen a friend go through the process, you’re probably all too familiar with the bulging wedding binder packed to the gills with bridal magazine tear sheets. Now there’s a fairy godmother in town to clean things up. Her name is Pinterest, the new Web darling that allows you to concoct virtual inspiration boards by “pinning,” or grabbing, e-images from your favorite wedding websites, style guides, or the site’s own user-generated content.

To get a piece of the action, you’ll first need to request an invitation. Once the e-robots behind the operation grant you access, which should not be a problem, they will guide you to install the bookmarklet, a device that enables you to grab images from other websites and then pin (a virtual tack!) them with credit to the source on your board. Next, off you go on your scavenger hunt to create colorful collages!

We recently spied Melissa Rodgriguez, a wedding planner based in New York, gushing endlessly about Pinterest on her Twitter account and decided to find out why.

“Pinterest is amazing for getting ideas and inspiration from others,” she wrote to us in e-mail. “Some brides will say to me, ‘These colors really don’t mesh well together, ’then I create an inspiration board through Pinterest and the brides see it in a whole new light. They instantly fall in love.”

One Los Angeles bride we spoke to looked to Pinterest to find artful ideas for purple floral arrangements. She was able to come up with a host of ideas to present to her florist as guides.

Since you, our readers, voted for Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake’s nuptials as the celebrity wedding you are looking forward to most, we decided to have some fun on Pinterest and create an inspiration board for their big day.

We love the idea of Jessica and Justin having a country chic wedding somewhere in Wyoming, where JT got down on one knee, in the spring or summer! Picture an outdoor ceremony littered with petals, and a color scheme of pinks in a variety of hues with white and silver accents.

For the dress, Biel would look ravishing in a short-and-long-hemmed Oscar de la Renta not only because she loves wearing the designer’s clothes, but because it would accentuate her killer body. We also had to throw in some bbq-style eating and fun cake pops into the mix as culinary ideas. The couple seems so down to earth, we doubt Biel would care if she got some A1 on her white gown.

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