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Rachel Hunter Planning August Wedding to Jarret Stoll


Rachel Hunter is planning to marry hockey player Jarret Stoll in August. The wedding will take place in Northern California in mid-August. Hunter is in the process of choosing a wedding dress and is having a tough time picking bridesmaid dresses.

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Rachel Hunter is planning to tie the knot with LA Kings forward Jarret Stoll in August.

“I am terrible at wedding planning,” Hunter tells “I need to be given less time than a year to plan, because I change my mind so often. It was going to be in Mexico, but we decided otherwise. I’ve made seven changes to the location.”

Hunter’s latest plan is for the wedding to take place in Northern California in mid-August. She is still in the process of picking out a wedding dress but says it’s the bridesmaid dresses that are even harder to choose.

“You pick your best friends to be bridesmaids, but it is kind of a torture what you do to them. Everyone loves the little black dress, but how do you incorporate a little black dress into a wedding? It’s going to be something very chic, I feel. I’m trying.”

Hunter and Stoll got engaged last August.

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