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Inspired by a Celeb?

Submit Your Wedding Photos and Stories to Celebrity Bride Guide

Were you inspired by a celebrity when planning your big day, like Celebrity Bride Guide reader Katie Oleske? Did you wear a celebrity’s dress? Use the same vendor or copy a design? Submit your wedding for consideration to be featured on Celebrity Bride Guide.

Just e-mail the following to

1. Your name and spouse’s name
2. Date and location of your wedding
3. Name of celebrity you were inspired by and why you loved what they did
4. Up to 10 photos that best highlight your day. You can e-mail attachments or send a link to the photos online, e.g. Flickr, your wedding site, etc.
5. The vendors you would like to see credited

Feel free to include extra details about your dress, the vendors you hired, your theme, color palette, venue, engagement and wedding rings, flowers, hair and more!

See an example of how you might be featured »