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Rick Fox Hears Wedding Bells with Eliza Dushku

Rick Fox says he hears wedding bells ringing with his girlfriend Eliza Dushku. The basketball player turned actor says they have talked about marriage and are laying the foundation.

Rick Fox and Eliza Dushku

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A wedding may be in the near future for Rick Fox and his girlfriend of two years Eliza Dushku.

Asked if he hears wedding bells in the future Fox tells, “I hear them now. We’ve been honest about that conversation, and we’ve had it.”

The former basketball player turned actor was previously married to Vanessa Williams and wants to make sure his second walk down the aisle is different.

“I’ve failed in marriage before, and this will be her first marriage,” he explains. “So we want to make sure the foundation is laid in a responsible way where communication is had about what she wants from life as a woman — whether she wants to have kids or go back to school — whatever she wants to do.”

Fox and Dushku have been living together since August.

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