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Ricki Lakes Finds Vintage Wedding Dress

ricki-lake-2-278x400 (1)
ricki-lake-2-278x400 (1)

Ricki Lake has found a vintage wedding dress for her wedding to Christian Evans. Lake says the nuptials will be unique and non-traditional.

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Ricki Lake waited until her run on “Dancing with the Stars” was over to shop for a wedding dress. Now the TV talk show host says she may have found the one.

“I have someone who has been looking for me. It’s vintage,” Lake tells “I wanted something simple, on the bias, and flattering. It’s got a lot of detail. It’s very pretty. I’m not going to say any more yet because I haven’t even seen it firsthand, I’ve just seen a picture!”

Lake, who is engaged to Christian Evans, says they will start figuring out details for a non-traditional wedding soon.

“We’re going to do something that is right for us and not what everyone else does,” she says. “It’s going to be a unique experience.”

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