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William and Kate’s Wedding Cakes Revealed


A multi-tiered fruitcake by Fiona Cairns has been chosen as the royal wedding cake. Prince William’s favorite chocolate cookie cake will also be served at the reception at Buckingham Palace.

Fiona Cairns

A multi-tiered, traditional fruitcake by Fiona Cairns will serve as the wedding cake at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s April 29 wedding. Adorned with a floral theme, the brandy-flavored cake will be decorated with the couple’s new cipher and cream and white icing. Cairns, who sent samples of different fruitcakes to William and Kate, met with Middleton six weeks ago after the couple had decided on their favorite.

“She has guided us right from the beginning and has quite strong ideas,” Cairns says of the bride-to-be. “She knew very much what she wanted and she brought us mood boards and told us what influences she would like us to use on the cake.”

Cairns has already started baking the cakes which need four weeks of time to mature.

In addition to fruitcake, William’s favorite chocolate cookie cake will be served at the reception at Buckingham Palace. Made by the McVitie’s biscuit company, the recipe is a Windsor family favorite and will be big enough for all 600 guests. The cookie cake will be made with 37 pounds of chocolate and 1,700 of the company’s buttery Rich Tea cookies.

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