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Royal Wedding Flowers Revealed


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When Prince William and Kate Middleton enter Westminster Abbey on Friday, they will walk down an avenue of trees from the royal estates.

Shane Connolly, floral artistic director for the wedding, tells the Queen will supply most of the plants, while the majority of the flowers will come from Windsor Great Park.

Six English Field Maples and two Hornbeams will line the aisle, and flowers will include Azaleas, the Chinese symbol of femininity, lilacs, which represent first love, rhododendron and wisteria.

Following the wedding, the flowers and plants will be on public display at Westminster Abbey until May 6.

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  • Williams and Middleton’s wedding will be the most remarkable so most of the world news papers and t.v. channels are awaiting to capture their wedding events and also this wedding event is a hot topic at least for a month after wedding if she will be participate in some social activities so many people will remember them for their life long i wish both of them have a nice wedding.

  • I wish Kate & William a WONDERFUL BLESSED DAY, and to you William can be sure your Mother Diana is Looking down from Heaven on THIS VERY SPECIAL DAY and very happy for you both. And without a doubt I am sure she has not missed one moment of your celebration of Love on your Wedding Day …
    Blessings from Bedford Nova Scotia

  • The wedding was beautiful and the flowers as well. It is a nice tribute that the wedding flowers used were all domestic cultivars obtained from within the UK. No imported flowers were used in the ceremony.

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