Official Royal Wedding Website Launches

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The official royal wedding website was launched by St. James Palace to provide information on the April 29 nuptials of Prince William add Kate Middleton. The site will feature video, photo galleries, exclusive content and a live stream of the wedding itself.

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St. James Palace has launched an official royal wedding website.

The site will feature details on Prince William and Kate Middelton’s April 29 nuptials and a live video stream of the wedding.

“On the day itself, the site will be the first place to view information, such as the details of Miss Middleton’s wedding dress,” reads a statement.

In the coming weeks, regular updates will include exclusive content, photo galleries, features, videos and links to important information for visitors on the day of the wedding.

Visit the official royal wedding website here.

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  • Have a wonderful wedding William and Kate, you really do make a lovely couple. I wish for a long and happy life together for you guys :-)

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