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Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon Wedding


Charleston, SC

Old Wide Awake Plantation

Old Wide Awake Plantation

Ryan Phillippe married Reese Witherspoon on June 5, 1999 in Charleston, South Carolina.

The wedding took place at the Old Wide Awake Plantation along the Sono River. Witherspoon was seven months pregnant at the time.

The bride wore a wedding dress designed by her costumer on the film “Pleasantville.”

She walked down the aisle on the arm of her father, John Witherspoon, just as the sun was setting.

The tearful ceremony took place in a rolling field surrounded by wildflowers.

Following the nuptials, a reception was held on the first floor of the historic house, and Southern food was served by Callie White.

The newlyweds spent their wedding night and honeymoon in the Grand Mansion Suite at the Wentworth Mansion.

Reese and Ryan divorced in 2007 and she went on to marry Jim Toth at her Ojai, California ranch on March 26, 2011. See photos of the wedding.

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