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Samantha Morton Wants to Lose Weight Before Wedding


Samantha Morton says she wants to get in shape before her wedding to Harry Holm. Morton says she plans to hit the gym so she will fit into her wedding dress.

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Samantha Morton wants to get in shape before her wedding to filmmaker Harry Holm. The couple have a 16-month-old daughter, Edie, and Samantha says she hasn’t lost the baby weight yet.

“Well the thing is I’ve got to stop breast feeding,” Morton says. “I’ve got to lose a bit of weight and fit into that wedding dress. Like all brides, you just want to go to the gym don’t you and get yourself sorted out.”

When she does walk down the aisle, Morton says she won’t be selling her wedding to a magazine.

“You have to keep grafting as well,” she says. “Weddings are expensive. Unless you’re like other people and you want to sell them to a magazine. I don’t. I just prefer a bit of privacy.”

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