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Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Wedding

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Solvang, CA

Sandra Bullock married Jesse James on July 16, 2006 at Folded Hills Ranch in Solvang, California. The 270 guests included Hugh Grant, William Shatner and Keanu Reeves, who RSVP’d to what they thought was a barbecue for Sandra’s 41st birthday.

Jesse made a grand entrance — with tires squealing — in a red double cab truck. He joined guests for sunset cocktails, hors d’oeurves and a jazz band. At 7:45 p.m., guests were led into a tent where they watched a 10-minute video of the couple talking about their love for one another. At the end, Jesse made an announcement that he and Sandra had been secretly engaged since October, and guests were about to witness a wedding.

Bagpipers in kilts began to play, leading friends and family from the tent to a wooded grove covered in sparkling lanterns. Guests were seated on hay bales covered with horse blankets.

The couple’s mutts, Kernie and Bob, led the processional wearing collars woven with natural grasses. As Sandra walked down the rose-covered aisle, a recording of Sandra’s late mother singing an aria from Bellini’s “Norma” was played. The bride wore a silk and lace tulle Angel Sanchez gown paired with satin cowboy boots. In her hands, she clutched a bouquet of chocolate covered cosmos by Celia Heffernan of Flower Hardware.

The couple were married in a 20-minute ceremony under an old tree, with a cameo belonging to Sandra’s late mother hanging from the branches. The couple exchanged self-written vows in which Jesse made Sandra promise he could bring home stray dogs, and Sandra made Jesse promise not to bring home stray dogs until she approved.

Following the ceremony, a reception was held in a tent covered with amber lights and chandeliers. The bride described it as a vintage Western-themed wedding. Cowboy hat centerpieces were filled with garden roses, daisies and natural grasses.

The newlyweds shared their first dance to the Motown classic “Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me.” Guests toasted from their hay bales. A buffet-style dinner included fried chicken, shrimp gumbo, and macaroni and cheese. Sandra’s sister, who owns bakery Gesine in Montpelier, Vermont, made a four-tier carrot cake for dessert, along with 270 mini versions of the cake for each guest. She also made a chocolate cake for the groom with a sculpted gorilla, a nod to his nickname, “Vanilla Gorilla.”

Guests danced all night to bluegrass punk-rock band the Cousin Lovers and dance music from DJ Tony Okungbowa, best known for spinning on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

The couple spent their wedding night at the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, California and took off the next morning in Jesse’s red double cab truck for a road trip to Las Vegas. Their first stop was at a McDonald’s drive thru. They ordered French fries and ice cream cones.

The two honeymooned at The Hotel at Mandalay Bay.

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  • Sandra,should you read this honey.I am 65 & lordy me get out & stay out.Once a cheater always a cheater.
    You have more class in your pinkie than Jess does in his whole body.
    I sure didn’t know how a classy lady like yourself could marry a scum bucket like him in the first place.
    God be with you in your darkest hours.
    Love & Blessings.

  • Sandra – I am not going to question why you married a “scum bucket like him in the first place”. Nobody knows the Jesse you fell in love with. Nobody should really judge that. You know why you loved him and why you married him. I’m sorry that what you had hoped would turn out to be a trusting and loving relationship did not turn out the way you believed it would. We are all better and stronger people for our experiences in life, even if they don’t make sense at the time and they bring us much pain. I wish you the best and I hope you don’t give up on true love. It’s out there. I wish you much love, my dear. You deserve it.

  • my heart goes out to you. I have always wondered why you and Him had got together, but we women seem to always have to have at least one bad guy in our life. Don’t let this keep you from happyniess with so other wonderful guy. Love to you from a would be friend

  • Dear Sandra, only you and Jesse knows what´s going on in your lives, do not listen to those who think they know all, because of what the media is telling them. Something similar happen to me a few years ago. I have to leave my husband and travel for a whole year await from him because of family sickness, I took my kids and left him all alone. It happen even dough he never told me I found out. We swore to each other we will never leave one another for a long period not even a short period of time. We have manage to preserve our mariage and live happily ever after. People talk anyways, and woman like the one saying he slept with you husband shame on her. Listen to your husband, don´t listen to anyone, do what your heart desires. Good luck to you you are a good woman, but he is a good man too. Talk about it and resolve your diferences. You´ll see how you two make all work out, I see lots of love between you two, get to the bottom and compromise, we are human, we make mistakes. Love will prevale. take care, best of luck from spain. chao

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