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Track Star Sanya Richards Marries Football Player Aaron Ross


Track star Sanya Richards married football player Aaron Ross on her 25th birthday, February 26, 2010. The wedding took place at Hyde Park Baptist Church in Austin, Texas. Sanya wore a custom-made wedding dress with Swarovski crystals.


Ben Sklar / NY Times

Track star Sanya Richards married New York Giants cornerback Aaron Ross on February 26 at the Hyde Park Baptist Church in Austin, Texas. The wedding day fell on the bride’s 25th birthday.

According to the New York Times, Richards wore a custom-made wedding dress with embedded Swarovski crystals. Ross wore a white Armani tuxedo.

A reception followed at the Four Seasons in Austin where the couple enjoyed four wedding cakes including a Jamaican rum cake and a wedding cake in the shape of a football helmet.

At the after party, Ryan Leslie performed for the newlyweds.

Sanya and Aaron’s wedding will be shown on the reality show “Platinum Weddings” in the coming months.

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  • sanya that wedding is so kool…………. i wish i was there to see you…………. you are my idol, because i look up to you, respect you, love you, and cherish u…………. i cant wait to see you at invitational to talk to you………….. congratulations……………. love you alot

  • I saw the episode of Platinum Weddings and I think it was the most magnificent wedding I have ever seen. You were the most beautiful bride. That’s the way I’d hoped my daughter would look like that someday, but she never got married. So, I just want to congratulate you and wish you a very happy life.

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