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Sarah Chalke Finds Perfect Wedding Dress on ‘Maneater’ Set


Sarah Chalke found the perfect Monique Lhuillier wedding dress while playing a bride in the Lifetime movie “Maneater.” Chalke has been engaged to Jaime Afifi since 2006 but hadn’t tried on wedding dresses before being cast for the role.


Although Sarah Chalke has been engaged to Jaime Afifi since he proposed on Maui in 2006, the actress hadn’t tried on wedding dresses until she was cast as a Beverly Hills socialite in the new Lifetime movie “Maneater.”

“I hadn’t tried on wedding dresses yet, so it was actually really fun to do that for the part, and I got to try on a ton of these beautiful Monique Lhuillier wedding dresses,” Sarah tells Entertainment Tonight. “I loved the one I got to wear so much that I asked the costumer, ‘What do you think if I get married in this one, and we find a different one for the movie?'”

In the movie, Chalke plays Clarissa Alpert, a career party girl, who plans her wedding to Aaron Mason before she ever meets him. She then plots with her friends to make her wedding day dreams come true. “Maneater” premieres on Lifetime on May 30.

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