Kate Middleton to Spend Night Before Wedding at The Goring


Kate Middleton is likely to spend her last night as a commoner at the Goring Hotel in London. The five-star establishment is located in Belgravia and Middleton’s family and friends will stay there leading up to the royal wedding.

The Goring Hotel

Kate Middleton is likely to spend her last night before becoming a princess at London’s The Goring Hotel.

The 71-room establishment, located in Belgravia, was a favorite of the Queen Mother for many years.

It is the only five-star family run hotel in London.

For four days in April, The Goring will play host to Middleton’s friends and family. On the morning of the wedding, the bride will be driven to Westminster Abbey by car.

Rooms at The Goring range from $650-$2,400 a night.

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