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‘Top Chef’ Nikki Cascone Engaged to Brad Grossman


Nikki Cascone, star of “Top Chef,” is engaged to her boyfriend and restaurant partner, Brad Grossman. The two own 24 Prince in Soho. They plan to marry in 2010, with a green and sustainable ceremony and reception.

“Top Chef” star Nikki Cascone is engaged to beau Brad Grossman. The couple, who are co-owners of the Soho restaurant 24 Prince, got engaged over the holidays while Nikki was cooking dinner.

“I tied the ring around one of the dogs’ necks and tried to get him to run over to Nikki,” Brad tells People.com. “But that wasn’t happening, so in the end I told Nikki to go see the dog.”

“I’m beyond happy,” Nikki says. “My only issue is I can’t cook with my engagement ring on.”

The couple are planning a green wedding in spring 2010 with more than 200 guests. According to Brad, Nikki started planning “two seconds after I proposed.”

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