Tori Spelling Announces New Wedding Reality Show


Tori Spelling will play the role of wedding planner on her new reality show “Tori and Dean: Weddings.” Spelling and her husband will plan lush parties for brides and grooms.


Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott will become wedding planners on their new reality show, “Tori and Dean: Weddings.”

“My party planning skills and Dean’s take it to the wall attitude, we plan UR DREAM wedding,” Spelling Tweeted on Tuesday.

The husband and wife duo announced their new show with their two children while standing on top of a giant wedding cake.

Spelling helped plan the wedding of her friends Bill Horn and Scott Masterson in Palm Springs last year. She and McDermott tied the knot in Fiji in 2006.

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  • They seem like they might actually be good at this. I watch their show and Tori is a born party planner. It looks like her and Dean are having a rocky start this season though. I actually love Tori’s taste and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

  • How do you get Tori Spelling to help you with your dream wedding? My fiance and i want to get married but have no money or help to do it? Can we get help?

  • The first season has already been filmed but you could contact The Oxygen Network and express interest in the likely case they do a second season.

  • The first show (Rat wedding) was cute. Who was the Minister? He looked very familiar. Has he been on another reality show? Was he the groom’s father, really?

  • ihi, i am getting married and we dont have much money and was wondering how we can get on your wedding show it would meen the wordl to me

  • I joined Twitter just to see if you would help with a wedding. I am 56 and not sure I did it right.
    Can you let me know if you are interested. ITS SO IMPORTANT please

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