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Actress Valerie Cruz is Engaged

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valerie-cruz-278x400 (1)

“Off the Map” actress Valerie Cruz is engaged to her English beau. The proposal happened on Christmas and the couple plan to tie the knot in the near future.

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Cuban actress Valerie Cruz is engaged.

“It just kind of happened at Christmas,” she tells Latina.com. “He’s English and he’s from London, so it’s an interesting journey. Cultural differences — they are definitely vast in some ways. But I think that Europeans in general have a more global view of the world because they are in such proximity to other countries that it enables them to travel and see other parts of the world.”

Though the actress declines to name her fiance, she says they plan to start a family soon.

“I definitely want at least one [child] because I would love to have the experience of giving birth,” she says. “And then I would like to maybe adopt some others.”

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