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Randie Pellegrini: Wedding Planner, Los Angeles

Celebrity wedding planner Randie Pellegrini founded Cordially Invited in 1977. Pellegrini specializes in cutting-edge style and pulling off the impossible. She has planned weddings for Carmen Electra and Joely Fisher.

Celebrity Wedding Planner Randie Pellegrini

Randie Pellegrini founded Cordially Invited in 1977. She is known for a unique cutting-edge style and her ability to pull off the impossible.

Each event that Randie plans is completely different and focuses on the client’s best interest. She enjoys weddings in distinct locations and creating grand entrances for the bride and groom. At Joely Fisher’s wedding, Pellegrini coordinated a grand entrance for a bridal party of 30.

Pellegrini Ozzy Osbourne’s birthday party and a Garden of Eden theme wedding for Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro.

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