Wedding Vendor Listings & How to Submit

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Are You a Wedding Vendor?

Have You Worked on a Celebrity Wedding or Found Inspiration from a Celebrity Wedding?

We are committed to showcasing the work of all vendors in the wedding industry. If you are a wedding vendor who has worked with a celebrity, or whose work has been inspired by a celebrity, we would love to profile your work and include you in our wedding vendors section.

Please note: At Celebrity Bride Guide, we have a “wall” between editorial and advertising. In other words, editorial promotion is subject to editorial discretion. Vendors are chosen if their work is deemed of genuine interest to our readers. Otherwise, we welcome vendors to consider other opportunities, such as paid placements (see our media kit).

If you’re interested in being profiled by the Celebrity Bride Guide editorial team, please e-mail the following to

1. Your name and contact information
2. Name of celebrities you’ve worked with or have been inspired by
3. Any other information you’d like to include, e.g. links to your site, photos, etc.