‘The Closer’ Season Finale: Will Brenda and Fritz Go Through With Wedding?


On the season finale of “The Closer,” Brenda and Fritz’s wedding day is in jeopardy after they are both tied up on important cases. Find out if they go through with the wedding tonight at 9pm on TNT.


Tonight is the season finale of “The Closer,” and all season we have been waiting for Brenda’s wedding. She’s picked a dress and tasted wedding cakes, but Brenda is married to her job and something tells us the big day may not happen.

On tonight’s episode, it is the eve of the wedding, and both Brenda and Fritz are tied up on important cases. As their wedding day is jeopardized, Fritz’s parents and sister (played by guest star Amy Sedaris) try to keep everything from falling apart. See what happens tonight at 9 p.m. on TNT.

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