Yifat Oren’s Budget Wedding Planning Tips


Celebrity wedding planner Yifat Oren talks about ways to cut costs without losing style and quality when planning a wedding. Oren shares tips on wedding flowers, venues and eco-friendly/green wedding alternatives.

Yifat Oren

Are you planning a wedding on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice style and quality?

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We talked to Yifat about some of her favorite ways to plan a celebrity-style wedding on a budget.

How do you define “Reccessionista Chic?”

“Recessionista Chic” is all the style without the price tag.   It’s all these incredibly creative, inspired brides I see out there, coming up with amazing ideas that are so stylish and so budget conscience. I mean, who can’t come up with ideas when budget isn’t an issue?  Real talent is coming up with details that have heart, soul and meaning.

What are the latest celebrity wedding trends that can be done on a budget?

Eloping!  I’m kidding.  Well, you would certainly be like a lot of celebrities if you just invited your nearest and dearest friends and family and took off to a small tropical island for the best few days of your life and a good time for everyone else (Ben & Jen at Parrot Cay). Privacy is key for many celebrities, hence getting married at home or on the grounds of a rented estate is par for the course.  Sometimes outdoors and sometimes in a beautifully decorated tent.  Most celebrities are not looking to do something ostentatious, especially not these days.  They want an event that’s tasteful and romantic, no matter what their personal style is.

What are some of the most creative ways you’ve seen to cut costs?

The easiest to do without, for sure, is a full bar. Instead, choose a couple of specialty drinks with beer and wine and you’ll save a bundle.

If you want your wedding to have the look of a celebrity, what’s the one area that’s hard to scale back on?

The décor is probably the hardest thing to cut back on although I recently went to a wedding where the centerpieces were a myriad of assorted hurricanes and column candles. So chic! No flowers were used, hence expenses were dramatically cut.

What is the best way to have beautiful flowers without breaking the bank?

Use one type of flower on all the tables.  For instance, I love little containers, like mint julep cups or glass, filled with all white hydrangeas.  This works on long, round, and square tables.  Use different size containers to mix it up a bit.  You can pick up containers really inexpensively in local flea markets, craigslist, or eBay.

What’s the best type of venue if you don’t have a lot of money to spend?

Cities sometimes have landmark buildings and parks they rent out very inexpensively as a revenue stream.  Many are historical buildings so ambiance is already built in, though some have restrictions so be sure to get all the information up front.

Can you share any eco-friendly/green wedding tips that can help save money?

Yes, number one tip is to use more things that won’t have to be disposed of.  Cut flowers are out and plants and succulents that can be planted in your home or your guests’ homes after the wedding are in.  Or, just do assorted candles, but A LOT of them.  Everywhere.  Also, donate the leftover food to food banks as they would love to have any extras the caterer has left over.

Yifat Oren has planned weddings for Reese Witherspoon, Drew Barrymore, Kevin Costner, Mariska Hargitay and Charlie Sheen.

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